Working up a New Collection: A Sketchy Sneek Peek

Some of my preliminary sketches for my new collection.

drawing and wardrobe inspiration

cupcakes in every flavor

heavenly cupcake

how many flavor cupcakes are there?

drawing and head dress inspiration

close up of her cupcake head dress


I could draw cupcakes for days

scoutie girl & cupcake

how can I help you?

  1. Love it! Reminds me of a Project Runway Challenge!
    “The Cupcake Challenge” :o)

    Beautiful drawings!
    ~ farah

  2. tammy

    stopping by from BYW. love all the sketchbook drawings. wow, that’s a lot of cupcakes! my favorite is the cupcake headdress! great work.

  3. Love how your inspiration is translated. Beautiful sketches and a pleasure to browse your work.

  4. this is fun – great challenges you’ve set yourself there!! love your take on the fashion images!

  5. Thank you! Now I just need to finish in between doing my blogging homework

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