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I “met” Monica while we were taking a blogging e-course together and instantly felt a connection to her and her art. Monica delights in all things girly and this is truly reflected in her feminine and classic designs, that have a slight wink to the past. She creates her art by combining her hand drawings and painted elements with digital accents to create stylish illustrations.

Monica is often hired to create chic and hip gals. She was contacted by Guideposts, who found her thru her theispot portfolio. Guideposts asked Monica to illustrate the cover and interior spots for a book called The Christian Mama’s Guide To Pregnancy” authored by Erin MacPherson.


Here is Monica’s Sketchbook Story ::
ML: I usually send over quite a few roughs and I like to add a tad of color because it helps the client get a better feel for what I an envisioning in my head. I send a lot of sketches over because “hip, current etc” all mean  something different to different people. I think I  actually did 6 or 7 sketches for this client. I also NAME each girl I draw because it helps me communicate better with the clients… i.e. “We like Vanessa and Sophie best…” It is much easier than just marking them 1, 2, 3, trust me!


ML: If I am really sold on a “pose” I will draw it with 2 different hairstyles to try to really sell that to the client! (my secret trick)

ML: Then I give them one more round of choices (I actually sent her in two different dress choices! Clients like choices!)  cover 1a and cover 1b.

ML: Then it becomes the cover, hooray! I think it comes out Spring 2011.


I want to thank Monica for graciously offered to be my first Sketchbook Story Feature. Thank You Monica!

And here’s where you can find Monica:




  1. thank you so much! i can't wait to see more..from other s artists I mean!

  2. Suzie

    I read your idea for the Sketch Book Stories this weekend and thought it was fab! I love it even more with Monica as the artist.

    Suzie (fellow BYW classmate)

  3. Hooray for BYW student features and sharing. I have visited Monica's sight and she is so talented! Thanks for sharing more about her process and art.

  4. This is so great to see! Thanks for sharing your work, Monica!

  5. Erin

    Hi Cindy Ann! I LOVE this. That's my book cover and I fell in love with it the INSTANT I saw it. Monica is so talented. But now that I see all the choices and all of the work that went into it, I just get giddy. Thanks so much for sharing this. Do you mind if I post this (and link to it) on my blog tomorrow?

  6. Blu Penny by Cindy Ann


    I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. Monica did an amazing job. Please feel free to share :-)

  7. I popped over from Rachelle Gardner's blog posting.

    Thanks for this! Cute site and love the cover ideas and development. My WIP is finished and at my writing coach for a final look-see, then I'll have to decide direction.

    Thanks for sharing! VERY exciting to see your own cover and know your book will be out soon!

    Congratulations!!!! :)

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