My Sketchbook has Finally Arrived!!

Yeah, my sketchbook has arrived!! Now I have the daunting task of actually filling all the pages around my theme, “A day in the life” by Jan 15th. The possibilities are endless the only rule is that it needs to stay the same dimension when closed shut.  It’s all a bit overwhelming. I think I’m going to start in the middle and work my way out that way I avoid the”first page” stage fright.

  1. Hi there! I’m a fellow BYW classmate and I just wanted to stop by and say I love your work! I’m also doing the Sketchbook project. Just started on it! It’s so much fun! I love the whole concept. Anyway really enjoyed visiting your blog…keep up your beautiful work. xo.

  2. Thanks Ivy!! Isn’t the BYW class awesome, and a lot of work, but I think that’s a good thing. I’ve been rethinking everything and I think I’m actually going to switch over to“ rel=”nofollow”> . I’m excited about the sketchbook project!! But to be honest I actually haven’t started. The first mark in a new sketchbook always seems to be the hardest.

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