I’m In: The Sketchbook Project

I been seeing people posting about the sketchbook projects for weeks now. It sounds like a really cool project and I’ve visited their site on several occasions and even added it to my shopping cart a few time but never followed thru, well that is until yesterday.  After seeing it for the umteenth time I decided to just do it rather then keep tourchering myself with weighting the pros and cons. I’ve been milling around with the idea for so long that it just became easier to commit and  stop worrying about if I have enough time to do it, and if I was going to be left out of something BIG that I would regret not doing later. So I’m in, I’m doing it! My sketchbook is paid for and is in route right now!!

  1. i just got my sketchbook in the mail. the first page…the start seems to be daunting but as soon as i begin i know this will be a fun journey.
    ps: i found you via brooke and pure& noble.
    pps: i am fellow bay area folk.

  2. oh very cool!! I never start a sketchbook on the 1st page for that very reason. Always better to start somewhere in the middle. It should be a great project. I checked out your blog. Very nice. Where in the bay are you? I’m an east bay’er.

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