My Little Girl

Here are a few pic of Miss Ava Blu

My mom put the headband on her…doesn’t she look so 80′s

Here’s one of Jay giving her a bath or a spa treatment as he likes to call it.

Blast from the Past

Last night I got a random e-mail from a guy looking for a mutual friends e-mail address. This friend he was looking for a guy I went to collage with and hadn’t talked to in years. Since I didn’t have his updated info I asked another collage friend to see if she might have his info. She hadn’t talked to him in years either but had another friend that had him as a ‘friend’ on their myspace page. (Are you still following? It was a total 10 degrees of separation thing going on)

Well I went to this mutual friends myspace page and it was a total trip. (Michelle you’ll know who I’m talking about) He has changed his name to a cryptic stage name (oh and his age too…he is now 25) and is a S&M model/performer…he always was a little eccentric and as I remember he did have a thing about people taking his picture. But this was just totally out there.

I guess some people grow in different directions. However, I couldn’t help but be a little shocked as he is a talented guy and I vividly remember him struggling to pay his way through collage…and to now not use his degree in someway seem quite a shame (but I guess that’s me making a judgment…which I have been trying making a conscious effort not do to other people. As I don’t want to be judged nor do I want to teach my daughter to make snap judgment of people…but in this case I just couldn’t help it). We use to be pretty close friend in collage so it’s interesting because I’m in a completely different space then he is. It looks like he is still partying pretty hard. I guess some people never grow out of that. It was kind of crazy to look through all of the pictures last night, I felt like I was in a twisted time warp.

On another note…Ave Blu is doing wonderful, mind you she is still waking me up in the middle of the night so I’m not getting much sleep and have been completely exhausted, but other then that it’s pretty amazing being a mom. Anyway they say the sleepless nights should end by the 3rd month. (1 down 2 more to go)

Since Ava has been born (and even before then) my husband and I have been thinking about moving. The Bay Area is super expensive and I’m not sure we can afford it and be able to spend the time we want with her. We’ve been thinking about heading back to Philly or possibility Florida (my brother is out there and my folks and sister are planning to make a move to Tampa in the next year or so). We’ve also been thinking about Colorado – more affordable and lots of mountains for snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer. But pretty much we are unsure which directions we are heading. I’ve never been to Colorado so it probably a good idea to go check it out. I guess we are still pretty wishy washy on which direction we want to go. It a shame cause we really like the Bay Area but it’s just too darn expensive and the public schools suck.

In any case that’s about all that has been going on here.