Here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had:
1)Ice Cream Scooper at Häagen-Dazs on South Street in Philly
2)Receptionist at a Pietro’s Pizzeria – Where I met my Husband :)
3)Production Manager for a pharmaceutical ad agency in NYC that handled Viagra
4)Production Coordinator- Time Inc. Business 2.0 the current job that I hate

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1)Shag – w/Bridget Fonda, this movie always makes me feel better when I’m down in the dumps
2)The Little Princess – the Disney Version (not Shirley Temple) I love the story and the graphics
3)The Princess Bride- Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy
4)Point of No Return – w/Bridget Fonda (OK so I’m a huge Bridget Fonda Fan and I love Nina Simone)

Four places I’ve lived: (in chronological order)
1)Rutherford, NJ
2)Philadelphia, PA
3)Dallas, TX
4)The Bay Area- San Francisco & Oakland, CA
Four T.V. shows:
1)Gray’s Anatomy
2)America’s Next Top Model
3)Friends Reruns- I missed it the first time around
4)AFV, America’s Funnies Home Videos – Because I’m dorky

Four places I’ve vacationed:
1)Paris France
2)Backpacking the Na Pali Coast in Kauai Hawaii
3) Porta Varta Mexico
4) El Salvador
Four of my favorite dishes:
1)PIZZA- just cheese please
2)Philly Role- Yum cream cheese and salmon sushi
3)Ice Cream- any flavor will do, recently it has been root beer floats
4)Palak Panneer from Naan N’ Curry
Four sites I visit daily: (almost)
1)Kate Hamilton’s Penguin Tales
2)Baby’s R Us- Only recently
3)Google- I’m always looking something up- though recently it has pretty much be all baby related
4)My Website Control Panel – I’m obsessed with seeing who has visited my website- Last Month I had 310 hits from Harcourt
Four places I would rather be:
1)Cuddling in the arms of my husband along with my daughter and puppy completely worry free
2)Vacationing on a secluded island w/ beach front service and a mango margarita in hand
3)Snowboarding on the best powder day
4)Finally I’d rather be in a well paying design position that I look forward to that uses my full capabilities and is also fulfilling and fun but still allows me to go home at a decent time

Now I’m supposed to tag 4 others.

Mati Rose
Elisabeth O. Dulemba
Stephanie Ruble
And Currently I’m at a loss for a forth person to tag

Where have I’ve been the last 9 months??!!

Hi All,

I’ve been out of touch for a quite a while, but with good reason. On Feb 28th I gave birth to my daughter Ava Blu. I can’t believe that I’m a Mom. It’s very surreal. So as you can imagine my concentration has been focused elsewhere. Now that Ava is here I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again. I won’t be going back to work until September, so I’m hoping to have enough time to both spend time with my daughter and get my design portfolio organized. I’m hoping to be going back to work at a new job, a design job. Which means I’ll have to revamp my website a bit. I will certainly have my work cut out for me.

Here is the note that my husband sent out to all of our friends. Some folks have commented that they couldn’t believe that I let Jay take pictures of the birth, but he’s a photographer, and the camera was set up on a tripod with a remote so I didn’t even notice that it was there. Jay was by my side that whole time (and it’s not like he took any NC-17 shots) Besides I was so drugged out on morphine and then the epidural that there are parts of the delivery that I just didn’t remember even happening. So I was really glad to have a visual picture story of her birth.

From: Jay Ganaden Photo
Subject: Please welcome Ava Blu !!

Howdy all!

Cindy and I are proud to announce the birth of our new daughter, Ava
Blu Ganaden !

She was born Tuesday Feb 28th @ 5:13AM, 7lbs 1oz. Cindy is recovering
rather quickly, Ava Blu is cute, cuddly and loving the new world
(albiet a rainy one lately), and I’m getting the hang of it too!
Being a dad is cool!

Of course, I took a bunch of pictures, some that I probably shouldn’t
have. :)
Here is the gallery: http://www.jaystudios.com/AvaBluBirthGallery/

There’s a lot of pictures in that gallery, so it might take a while
to load.

For those with ADD, here is the Cliff Notes: http://www.jaystudios.com/AvaBluG2/

You’ll see Cindy’s progress throughout labor– very happy at first
(Morphine smiles?) and then succeeding levels of physical challenge.
Madd props to the abilities of a woman’s body, esp. Cindy’s frame!
Then you’ll see some images of Ava all the way to her first days at

Favorite Cindy quotes during labor:

“We’re not doing this again.”

“I hate needles, I could never be a heroin addict.”

“Babe, can you get me some Blistex?”

“Hello beautiful!” (when Ava was delivered)

Thanks everyone for your help and support!!! We hope to catch up
with everyone individually soon!



Jay Ganaden Photography