My 10 Affirmations

So here are my 10 affirmations. I’ll let you know what my coach thinks.

1. I am an Idea Generator.
- Creative Thinker/Problem Solver.
- Able to come up with multiple strong concepts for the same project.

2. I make things look Pretty.
- Eye for design.
- Good at coming up with color combinations.

3. I am Professional.
- Communicate well.
- Meet deadlines.
- Degree from The University of the Arts in Illustration.

4. I am a self-starter.
- Eager to learn and take action.
- Proactive.

5. I have the Technical Skills, and what I don’t know I am able to learn.
- Quick Learner.
- Pre-Press Experience.
- Know how to prepare a print ready file.

6. I have Real World work experience at a Time Inc. magazine.

7. I enjoy Illustrating and Designing.
- This comes across in my work.

8. I am enthusiastic and energetic.
- Fun to be around and work with.
- I am not cynical.

9. I try not to take criticism personally.

10. I am able to take calculated risks.

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