Quick Update

I just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know what has been going on. I’ve been super busy with a lot of the design work (none of which is paid yet, but I am get there). I have also been preparing for a group portfolio show (The RoadShow for the Icon Illustration Conf.)which is happening on July 7th. So of course I procrastinated and am now in a frenzy to get stuff done, hence it might be a little while before you see another update from me.

My Coaches Comments on My Affirmations

It looks like I have a few revisions to make. See my coaches comments.

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 6/1/2005 8:20:39 PM
To: cindy ann
Subject: Creativity Coach

Dear Cindy Ann,

Excellent list.


This is great for your own use. Type it up and make a pretty border, then frame it or paste it to your wall in front of your desk in your studio, so you can remind yourself of who you are daily. You can make a second copy to keep in your notebook at work as well if you like. (See below before typing it up for your wall.)

These are all good qualities to have in a resume, except #9 (see below).

* But they must be written in full sentences.
* Also, language is important in professional documents. So, “I make things look
pretty” should read something on the order of “I design well and have good
color intuition, or sense,” I don’t know the technical language for
illustrators/designers. But I think you get the idea.
* Lastly, number 9. “I try not to take criticism personally” should read “I view
criticism constructively and objectively.” And it should not be in the resume.
Only in your personal affirmations. This quality will come across in an
interview or through your resume without you spelling it out.

Tweny-nine is a great age. You have everything before you. This is your year. Make the most of it and above all, enjoy it!

All the best,


My 10 Affirmations

So here are my 10 affirmations. I’ll let you know what my coach thinks.

1. I am an Idea Generator.
- Creative Thinker/Problem Solver.
- Able to come up with multiple strong concepts for the same project.

2. I make things look Pretty.
- Eye for design.
- Good at coming up with color combinations.

3. I am Professional.
- Communicate well.
- Meet deadlines.
- Degree from The University of the Arts in Illustration.

4. I am a self-starter.
- Eager to learn and take action.
- Proactive.

5. I have the Technical Skills, and what I don’t know I am able to learn.
- Quick Learner.
- Pre-Press Experience.
- Know how to prepare a print ready file.

6. I have Real World work experience at a Time Inc. magazine.

7. I enjoy Illustrating and Designing.
- This comes across in my work.

8. I am enthusiastic and energetic.
- Fun to be around and work with.
- I am not cynical.

9. I try not to take criticism personally.

10. I am able to take calculated risks.

Trouble w/ Flickr

I’m having trouble rotating the images in flickr. So in the mean time you will just have to turn your head to see some of the pics. :)

My Birthday Weekend

I thought I’d share a few pics from my Birthday weekend. I am now officially 29, only one more year in my twenties, very depressing. I had all these things that I envisioned doing before I was 30 and now I only have one more year to accomplish them…if only I could remember what the all were. I know I had a long list. See my memory is going already. One thing I do remember is that when I was a teenager 30 seemed so old. 30 doesn’t seem that old any more, I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

Penny and I hanning out in Jack London State Historic Park

Me doing a headstand and definitely not acting 29

My Penny

I couldn’t resist here is another one of Penny. She is most definitely my baby.

A really cool shot that Jay took

Me at Carnaval in the Mission

A really cool shot that Jay took of my good friend Heather