I work better under DEADLINES so here is my list of things that I need to accomplish in the up coming months. Hopefully this will help me stay on track, because as much as I need deadlines I also need FOCUS. I can get scatter pretty easily. I have to admit I tend to loose my focus quite a bit. I’m really good at starting a project it’s the finishing that’s the hard part.

So here is what I have to do: (maybe this will get me off the couch at night)

[My DEADLINES are in 3 categories: Children's Illustration (CI), Illustration (I), and Design (D). In order of priority]

Start going to bed at a decent time so that I can get up early in the morning and work on my stuff (CI/I/D) –(this means showering at night)– Start Immediately

Participate in Illustration Friday (I) –(This is an on going, I totally fell off the wagon here) Due Thursday of every week

Work on my 2nd Children’s book Idea(CI)- Ongoing

Do a few sketches – Due May 22nd (this is when my critique group meets. I need something to show)

Do 2-3 Finishes- Due date in the near future (for the next critique group meeting)

Om Baby (D) -
Logo color variations – Due May 25th (meeting)
Letterhead – Due May 25th (meeting)
Business Cards – Due May 25th (meeting)
Brochure -(need content) sample by May 25th (meeting)
Postcard -(need content) sample by May 25th (meeting)

Kaiser Pediatric Anesthesiologist Jacket Design (Om Baby’s Husband) (CI/D)-

Sample drawings- May 25th (Om Baby meeting)

Finish Logo Design Neal (D) – DONE! (He has picked a logo)

Do Business Cards and Letterhead – Due May 27th
Put files on disk- Due May 27th

Get Postcards Printed (CI/I) – (Franklin Cover and 1 other Illo) – Due June 1st

Update Jay’s Logo (D) – (Idea for a birthday gift – T-shirt with his logo on it)

Update Logo –Due June 1st
Re-do Business Cards – Due June 3rd
Logo for Website – Due June 3rd
Hi-res Logo for Invoice forms and doc’s- Due June 3rd
Letterhead – Due June 3rd
Postcard (samples to give to models to book them for photoshoots) –Due June 6th

Plan the next meet and greet (CI)– Due June 4th

Plan our late late housewarming anniversary (Personal) – Due June 4th

Put together a PDF of samples of my design work to e-mail out with my resume. (D)- Due June 13th

Update my website (CI/I/D) – including a updating my illustration and design gallery along with adding a store for my Café Press Items Should be completed in conjunction with PDF of samples for my resume– Due June 13th

Re Organize Portfolio in time for the RoadShow (CI/I)- Due June 25th

Come up with and illustrate a few ideas that will work well on a T-Shirt (D)– Due July 9th

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