Affirmation Assignment

I have an assignment to work on from my Coach. This should be interesting I always feel really dorky writing affirmations. They make me feel like I’m being arrogant and full of myself. But I guess if you don’t think highly of yourself how can you expect others to respect and think highly of you.


Sent: 5/26/2005 2:18:08 PM
To: cindy ann
Subject: Creativity Coach

Dear Cindy Ann,

The e-mail I sent last was a recap of our conversation. Now I would like to give you two assignments to work on over the next week.

1. Think of ten affirmations that qualify you as a designer/illustrator. These may include degrees, honors received, and experience. But what I really want you to do is dig deep and discover what it is inside you that makes you want to have this career. What do you believe are your best qualities as an artist? Why would you hire yourself as a graphic designer? When you have completed this list, send it to me.

2. Do three things each day to find the job you want. These may be:

* working on the ten affirmations list
* updating your resume to reflect your design strengths
* drafting and editing a letter of inquiry
* building the design section of your website
* thinking up a statement for your website that reflects your values as a graphic designer
* working on the logos you have committed to design for your friends
* researching companies that may be hiring in the field you want
* finishing your Perdy manuscript and illustrations
* designing a new business card for yourself that emphasizes your design skills

You may add many more things to this list. They can be small things or big.

What you are doing now is preparing to seek this job. Take your time and get everything in place.

We talked about a time frame of three to six months. That is actually fast, but not impossible. Consistent intent, work and focus will bring change.

Happy Birthday! I look forward to your next e-mail,


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