Walking the Dogs- finish

Here is one of the finishes I did from the sketched that I did for Rembrandt’s Hat. I am hoping to do a few more and then send them the color samples even though they decided not to use me. I think they look much better in color. Perhaps I can convince them otherwise or at least keep me in the front of their minds.


Affirmation Assignment

I have an assignment to work on from my Coach. This should be interesting I always feel really dorky writing affirmations. They make me feel like I’m being arrogant and full of myself. But I guess if you don’t think highly of yourself how can you expect others to respect and think highly of you.


Sent: 5/26/2005 2:18:08 PM
To: cindy ann
Subject: Creativity Coach

Dear Cindy Ann,

The e-mail I sent last was a recap of our conversation. Now I would like to give you two assignments to work on over the next week.

1. Think of ten affirmations that qualify you as a designer/illustrator. These may include degrees, honors received, and experience. But what I really want you to do is dig deep and discover what it is inside you that makes you want to have this career. What do you believe are your best qualities as an artist? Why would you hire yourself as a graphic designer? When you have completed this list, send it to me.

2. Do three things each day to find the job you want. These may be:

* working on the ten affirmations list
* updating your resume to reflect your design strengths
* drafting and editing a letter of inquiry
* building the design section of your website
* thinking up a statement for your website that reflects your values as a graphic designer
* working on the logos you have committed to design for your friends
* researching companies that may be hiring in the field you want
* finishing your Perdy manuscript and illustrations
* designing a new business card for yourself that emphasizes your design skills

You may add many more things to this list. They can be small things or big.

What you are doing now is preparing to seek this job. Take your time and get everything in place.

We talked about a time frame of three to six months. That is actually fast, but not impossible. Consistent intent, work and focus will bring change.

Happy Birthday! I look forward to your next e-mail,


Aquatic – Illo Friday

Here is my submission for this weeks Illustration Friday. The word of the week is Aquatic.

I did this drawing a while a go for a kids book that I was working on and then abandoned. The story just wasn’t strong enough, however I really do like this drawing. I think I might actually make a color finish of this illustration eventually. (of course with a few changes)


Meeting my coach for the first time

I met my coach face to face for the first time this Saturday. And I have to say it went very well. It was a very different experience from just e-mailing with her. I think we talked about some really important things and she made a little list of things for me to work on:

From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 5/21/2005 6:26:44 PM
To: cindy
Subject: Creativity Coach

Dear Cindy,
We had a very productive session today. Below are what I came away with from our conversation.

* Self-talk – We talked about how you feel you are perceived by others in the artist community and how much of that is your own projection of what you think others think.

Eric Maisel’s book is called “Write Mind” and though it is aimed at writers, I think the ideas transfer to any artistic field. It is about rephrasing what you say to yourself. How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you. Being nice and sensitive are both wonderful qualities. You can be both and still speak up for what you want. You are a designer/illustrator and what you have to say and show to the world matter.

Pay attention to older, more established illustrators at the conference and pick those who you feel are honest, open individuals. Watch how they handle themselves, how they speak, and their way of presenting themselves to their peers and the public. People who are established and secure in their fields often are willing to help younger artists.

* Plan your day – list the things that are priorities in your life and plan your day to include time to work on each. (Perdie, design work, resume’, time with family, work, relaxation, exercise, time with your dog.) Not necessarily in that order, but find time each day, or on alternate days, to spend on each of these things. It is important for you to work on your own creative goals so you do not feel you are being stunted in your art career.

* Work on finishing – You say you start projects easily, but find it hard to finish them unless you have a deadline. Set consistent, achievable deadlines.

* resume’ – everything you do that is art related should find its way into your resume’. Your work on the illustration conference board, your design work for friends’ companies, your card illustrations, your finished illustrated manuscript, your work in publishing (production), your awards and prizes, your degrees. You might look at resume’s of other designers to check the format and content.

Things to do:

* use down time for thinking about your projects. i.e., while walking your dog think of possible ways to end “Perdie”, ways to tell the story. And, while eating lunch, go over your to-do lists for looking for a design job such as updating resume’, sending updated resume’s to new sources and/or places you have sent them before (minimum six weeks after last contact), redesigning your website to include design work and creating a design statement that is as good as your illustration statement.

* practice speaking up for what you want – You are relevant and deserving. If you feel you are capable and want the job, ask for it.

* recognize it does not all have to be done today – Do a little on each task each day and over time, you will see the progression. You will lesson anxiety, dissappointment and negative feelings by pacing yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you,



From:  xxxxxxxx
Sent:   5/23/2005 7:46:28 PM
To:   cindy
Subject:   Hello, This is XXXXXXXXXX of daylo.com

I saw your very comprehensive and helpful list of free online portfolio
websites on illustrationfriday.com and recognizing that you probably
think about these kinds of websites as much as anyone, I thought I
would just say hello and let you know that you have my ear if you are
ever inclined to share your thoughts. I’m really curious about how you
feel about Daylo including many unrelated kinds of services instead of
being specifically for visual artists. From your list, it’s clear we
need to get on with adding the multimedia galleries to profiles. Once
again, thanks for posting that list, and also, thanks for trying Daylo.



Reply to Rejection

Though I got rejected from Rembrandt’s Hat I’m still going to try to keep the line of communication open for future opportunities. I might even put a few more ideas together for cards and submit my ideas to them again.

And I was actually thinking about taking some of the sketches I initially did for them and finish the illustrations. Perhaps, I might even put those Illustrations in my store at Cafe Press as greeting cards.

In any case here is my reply:

From: Cindy Ann Ganaden CiNdY MeDiA .com
Sent: 5/20/2005 11:35:36 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Update


I wanted to send you a little note to say thank you for reviewing my
illustration and design samples. Though I was initially disappointed that
your team felt they were not suitable for your portfolio at present, I do
understand and appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to
review them.

Please keep me in mind for future projects, as I would love to have the
opportunity to work with you in the future.

Once again thank you.



I just wanted to share a logo I designed for a friend of mine for a product call Fruishi. Which as you can guess from the name is fruit sushi. I’m now working on the letterhead and business cards. I’ll share those as soon as they are finalized. This was a really fun project to work on and I’m really happy with how the logo turned out.


Silver Lining

Well this is exciting news!! It has definitely brightened up my day. Now how do I respond? Especially to the cost question. I don’t want to knock myself out of the ballpark by pricing too high. I also don’t want to feel cheated by going too low either. It’s going to take me a bit to come up with a reply.

From: xxxxxxxxx
Sent: 5/19/2005 8:00:40 AM
Subject:enquiry from childrensillustrators.com

Hello my name is xxxxxx and I am the Director of Submissions for CPN Publishers as well as overseer of Graphic Designs. Presently our company open our market to children authors and I am interested if you do freelance work in illustrations.

Presently i am looking for an illustrator for a possibly 10-12 page Pre-K book.
We pay a flat fee for art for our books. Can you tell me what your rate and turn around time is? I appreciate you taking time with me in this matter. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Director of Submissions
CPN Publishers, USA Branch Office

For books we publish or publishing:
Check on: www.amazon.co.uk
advance book search on publishers: CPN