Playing Catch Up with Illustration Friday

So I’ve been out of site for a while busy working on my book and getting it sent out.( But I have to say that I actually haven’t sent it out yet, I’ve been getting hung up on the cover letters, but hopefully soon.)

So I have some late submittions to add for Illustration Friday:

Sorrow (week of 2/21):

This was just the first thing that came to mind.

sorrow, originally uploaded by cindymedia.

Flight (week of 2/14) :

Paper Airplains. When you are a little kid and you think of flying you always make paper airplanes ( well I did any way)

flight, originally uploaded by cindymedia.

Year of the Rooster (week of (2/7):

I was thinking what would someone look and be like if they were born during the year of the rooster. (I’m not sure if you can see it in this picture but the wallpaper is pink roosters.)

rooster, originally uploaded by cindymedia.

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