Last Week was a Good Week

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Hi xxxx,

Sorry to be out of touch. Last week was a busy week. (we were ramping up for printing our next issue of the magazine at work).

Things with me for the most part have been going well. I feel like I have picked up some momentum and have been on a roll. Not having the TV has been a real help. I have been working in my studio almost every night, which has been very invigorating. And as I’ve been doing mundane things like the laundry and cleaning up the house I’ve been thinking about my work. (it always seems to be in the back of my mind)

Here is a list of Exciting things that happened last week:

1) I went to a GAG (graphic Artist Guild Meeting) meeting about an up coming local conference-The fellow illustrators that I will be volunteering with are very well established and have been in the business for 10+ years. This was very inspiring and I was delighted to be in such great company. Ultimately this is a really good connection to make. (professionally and on a personal level for inspiration)

2) Through this meeting I’ve been asked to join the San Francisco Society of Illustrators – So I just sent my paperwork in for that today and have plans to be an active participant in this organization as well.

3) I participated in Illustration Friday and did a piece that I am happy with. (simple with a strong concept). The topic last week was “Friendship”. This week’s topic is “The year of the Rooster”. I’ve already started doing some research on this so that I can come up with another strong concept. My goal is to have this illustration done by Wednesday.

4) I purchased 2 books. -The 1st is Eric Maisel’s “Coaching the Artist Within” , a good follow up to “Fearless Creating” and considering that I am now being coached I thought it would be good to read. The second book was a fun fiction novel for some mind candy.

5) I finished my 2nd illustration for my kid’s book and spent the weekend working on the other minor corrections that I need to make before I send my book out again.

- I feel like I am very close to being finished. (at least finished with this stage of the process.) I need to start thinking about what 6 editors/publishing houses I’m going to submit to and start writing the cover letters.

6) I have decide that I am going to submit my book to the W.I.N Competition from SmartWriters The deadline is Feb 28th. (So now I have a hard deadline to shoot for.) The prizes aren’t huge but I will get a lot of exposure as editors will be reading the submissions (and really that’s the reason I’m submitting)

- I am also going to try to submit to Communication Arts Illustration Call for Entries as well. The deadline for this one is Mar 15th. So I have some short-term goals to shoot for.

7) I have been answering ad for design/illustration on Craig’s List. Though I have not yet received any replies back I think its good step forward in promoting myself. No one will ever know I exist unless I inquire about the work.(in any case I think it’s a numbers game. I just have to be out there responding and letting people know I exist.)

All and all I think things have been going well. I feel more energized and it?s been good for me to connect with other illustrators especially successful illustrators that are making their living solely through illustration. It’s very inspiring and uplifting.

Last week was a good week. Hopefully this week will go as well.



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