Creative Coaching

I’ve had a few people e-mail me and ask me about how this whole creative coaching thing works. So I’d thought I’d share since the coaching has been very helpful for me. It has made me really think and articulate what I am feeling. The coaching is probably very similar to the “therapy” of writing your thoughts down in a blog. The main difference is that the focus is all on me and I’m accountable. My coach often ask me questions that make me explore what it is I am really feeling vs. what I “think” I’m feeling. This is a good exercise and I find it really helpful to be accountable to someone else. I have accountability issues and need to learn how to be more accountable to myself. Right now it’s easier for me to make excuse to myself then to someone else. So far , this experience has been very helpful with keeping me on track and I am working on making being accountable to “me” a priority.

Currently right now the coaching is costing me nothing because I signed up to be a “free client” to work with a “coach-in-training” during a 16 week creative coaching course taught by Eric Masel.

This is info about becoming a free client (This is taken directly from Eric site):

During each creativity coaching training most of the creativity coaches-in-training opt to work with clients, either clients that they
recruit or that I supply. The clients I supply are seen for free for the duration of the training. (If client and coach want to work together thereafter, they need to make new, for-pay arrangements.)

If you would like to participate in one of these training as a free client and work with a coach-in-training via e-mail, please provide me with the following information: one paragraph about yourself (your name, age, where you live, art discipline you work in, etc.) and a paragraph about what you would like to work on with a creativity coach. Please send that information to me at

I don’t have the funds to be able to afford Eric Maisel himself so having one of his trainees is the next best thing. I feel like I am building a relationship with the woman that I am working with and hope to continue to work with her after the 16 weeks program. Hopefully, she will still want to work with me. I’ll have to keep you posted about how things end up.

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