What I got to check off on my list this weekend

I feel good about this weekend. I think I got a lot done. Not everything on my list but a fair amount.

So here is a little outline of what I did over the weekend.

Friday Night:

Surfed on the internet for a while. Ate dinner and changed into my pajamas. Then I sat down on the couch and vegged out for a while. After all it had been a tough week. I woke up at about 2am and dragged myself to the bed to go to sleep for real.

Saturday (started off good and then went downhill):

I woke up early and took Penny for a hike in the morning. (this was very nice and I should do it more often as I have a bunch of hiking trails near by.) We came home, showered and changed and went back out to the grocery store to pick up Dixie cups for my garden seeds along with groceries for the week. I came home and baked 2 punkin pies and planted my seeds in the dixie cups. While the pies were cooking I felt like I couldn’t leave the house to go up to my studio so I turned on the TV (this is where things started to go down hill). When the pies were done cooking I decided I need to take a little afternoon nap and before I knew it, I was hungry and it was dinner time. So I ate punkin pie for dinner in front of the TV and got comfortable on the couch for the rest of the night.

Sunday (this was a genuinely good day, very productive):

I woke up early and the first thing that I did was unplug the TV and disconnect all its extra wires and cords. I took the TV off the stand and placed it on the floor.It was ruining my weekend and had to be stopped. It was a fairly easy task but the way I’d been acting all weekend you’d think somebody was asking me to shovel manure. That’s how much I had been avoiding the task.(The TV is currently still siting on the floor. I’m just waiting for my husband to carry it down to the garage and find a home for it. But at least it’s not inoperable and inaccessible.)

After the big TV drama Penny and I took a trip to Pet Food Express to replenish her puppy food supply. It was running a little low and of course I was avoiding going up to my studio. We returned from the pet store and I decided that it was the perfect time for a piece of pie and some tea. So I had my pie and tea and then begrudingly headed up to my studio. It had to be done there no more avoiding it. The way I was behaving one might think I was going to the dentist. Once I got to my studio I dilly-dallied a bit. Did some straightening up and then finally got started working on my illustration.

Once I started working, I was in the grove until I realized that I had pretty much finished the background and that I really needed to start working on the figures. Then anxiety hit and I avoided the figures like the plague and continued working on the background, even though I knew I just need to dive in and work on the figures.I was just having that fear thing that I often get. It went something like this:

“I have the background perfect,what if I mess up on the figures?”
“If you don’t work on the figures you will never finish the illustration”
“I know but what if I mess the whole thing up”
“You can fix it if you mess it up and besides the illustration is really about the figures not the background”

I often argue with myself like this.

So finally this got to me and I heading back to the house for an early dinner and some more tea. Since there was no TV to watch I read a magazine article ( I only allowed myself one article) and then I headed back to the studio. I dabbled on the background a bit, got interrupted with a phone call and then I finally dove into working on the figures until it was time to go pick up my husband at the airport.

All and All I have to say it was a good step forward in the right direction. There was definitely some inner struggle going on this weekend but hopefully that will subside as I continue to work more. I feel good about the progress I made with my illustration though I definitely have to rework one of the figures as her facial expressions just aren’t looking quite right.

So tonight what am I doing:

I came home played with Penny and made dinner. Then I proceeded to reorganized the kitchen cabinets not just one all of them (My husband is not going to know where to find anything). I ate dinner and surfed at the same time.(Now thats being efficient, right?) and then I started writing this. Not so bad at least it more productive then what I usually do. For the remainder of the night I plan to take penny for a walk, pick up my husband from the Bart and work on sketches for Illustration Friday. The word of the week is Gluttony.

Well that’s it for now.

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