Correspondence with my creative coach

I thought I’d share my correspondence with my creative coach from this week.

From: xxxx

Sent: 1/14/2005 7:02:43 PM



Subject: creativity coach

Hi Cindy,

I was just opening your file when you e-mailed me. I love your website, by the way.

Yes, I will be working with you. During the time we work together, you may e-mail me as often as you like. I will e-mail you twice a week, Monday through Friday. All of what is discussed in our e-mails is confidential. I am the only one who will be reading your letters.

My job is to help you achieve your creative goals. I will do this by listening, helping you think of ways to overcome any obstacles you feel you may have, and encouraging you to allow yourself time to create.

I recieved your list of goals. It is great to see that you have already thought through what you would like to work on this year. You wrote that you would like to finish the children’s book you have been working on and submit it to publishers as your number one priority. How can I help you with this? Do you feel you are progressing on this project?

In regard to cutting back on TV: taking walks again (one of your goals) is a great way to unwind (your doggie will love you for it). I, too, use walking time to think and create ideas for my stories. If it is in the evening, dark and cold, perhaps a hot bath with a good magazine or book will help you relax. If you want to relax, yet still be productive in your work, reading material that inspires your work can be relaxing. I often read “The Writer” magazine in bed before I go to sleep. Music is also a good substitute for TV. It does not require you to sit and pay attention to a plot.

Participating in Illustration Friday is a great idea.

Starting a garden will not only help you eat healthier, it is another way to relax. If you have the space, you can begin planting seeds in small containers near a sunny window and then transplant in the spring.

I too have a sweet tooth. I find foods such as sugar snap peas, crunchy and sweet, a good substitute.

The next 16 weeks are for you to work on whatever you wish. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


From: Cindy Ann Ganaden CiNdY MeDiA .com

Sent: 1/21/2005 4:21:21 PM

To: xxxx


Subject: Re: creativity coach

I’ve been a little off key this week. My director at my day job is in town, and so as you can imagine, things have been a little stressful. I have to act like I have career goals and that I am on a career path when all I really want to do is get a new job. Beside that my husband has been out of town so I haven’t been eating very well this week, he does all the cooking. So you could say that this week I’ve been a little down in the dumps.

SO what have I done this week (or more appropriately what haven’t I done):

1) Again I have watched too much TV – But I have a solution for that. I’ve talked it over with Jay and we are going to remove the TV from the living room. I tried just unplugging it and taking the batteries out of the remote but I always plug it back in and then change the channels manually, if only I was that persistent with my art work. So I am going to just have to take extreme measure and remove the darn thing. (at least for a while) SO that’s the plan this weekend remove the TV and put it in storage. Just as an FYI this is how I normally operate- All or none, it a problem I have to work on.

2) I have not done any illustrations work all week- So this weekend I plan to finish the second illustration sample I need for my children’s book. (so essentially I will be making up for my lost time sitting on the couch watching TV)

3) I have done a sketch for Illustration Friday and started to work on a finished piece, but I haven’t finished it yet. -SO I haven’t submitted anything yet. Perhaps I will work on that this weekend as well.

4) I’ve thought about going to the store after work a few times this week to pick up dixie cups to start planting some of my seeds for my garden, but I never made it there. So I think this is something I will try to do this weekend.

5) Also in the same vein I wanted to take Penny (my puppy) out for a walk this week as well but as soon as I stepped into the house and took off my shoes all aspirations of going for a walked died at the door. (Usually on the train ride home I go through in my head all the things I want to do when I get home. And what always seems to happen is the minute I walk in the door all my energy get zapped and I forget what it was I wanted to do. I change out of my work clothes and plop on the couch. I’m embarrassed to say that this happens so often that I can’t even keep count. But perhaps with out a TV I will be less inclined to stay on the couch all night.)

6) No progress with the job hunt- I looked on line a little but haven’t really taken any steps. I first need my husband to get me an internet connection up in my newly built studio so I can update my site. (If I’m honest with myself that is really just an excuse – causes I can still work on my site without tan internet connection and do all the prep work. It’s not ideal but it is doable)

So hopefully I will be really productive this weekend and get a fair amount of stuff done. We shall see.


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