2005 Goals

My director from my day job is coming out to SF in two weeks and I have been asked to write out my professional goals for the year. This happens every time and I always have trouble with this because my job is just that, a job. It’s a means to an end. I don’t think of it as a career and I certainly don’t think I’m on a “career path” at least not the one that they think I ought to be on and I’m certainly not a “TimeInc Life’er”. This is just a job for me. So how do I create professional sounding goals that don’t increase my workload but still seem like I’m aiming for something? I can say stuff like “I will improve upon X” but then that can get translated into “Why do you need to improve? Were you not doing a good job to begin with?”

Man I hate my day job. I have been saying that for the entire 5yrs that I have been working here. Mind you I have made some steps to get out of my current situation. I have updated my resume and written multiple cover letters for different scenarios but haven’t sent anything out yet. Why you might ask? Because I feel like I need to update my website with more design work before anyone will consider me for a design position since pretty much all my “professional experience” is in production. Have I mentioned how much I hate production? It’s the most uncreative environment anyone can ever work in. So why did I ever take a production job to begin with? Well I graduated college and needed a job. It sounded like it was kind of creative besides it was the only job that was offered to me. So I took it and now I’m making really good money at it. This should make me happy right? But what it really does is back me up in a corner.

If I apply and take an entry/mid-level design job I will certainly be taking a pay cut. This is a very hard pill for me to swallow since my husband is working on getting his photography career off the ground and my current salary is a majority of what we use to pay the mortgage and live on. Jay has been very supportive and wants me to look for another job but if I am making less money it will most definitely strain us financially and put more pressure on him to make his photography business more profitable to balance out our finances. I want to give him the time he needs to grow his business but at the same time I feel like a piece of me dies everyday I have to step foot in the office.

Some days I work so late, especially if we are printing that I don’t get home until 9-10 at night and then I eat and pretty much go to bed in order to get up and do it all over again. It is a vicious cycle. I am always tired when I get home from work even if I get home at a reasonable time. I have trouble motivating myself to do my own work. What usually winds up happening is that I plop down in front of the TV and fall asleep for a few hours then Jay wakes me up and I brush my teeth and go to bed.

OK OK enough of my complaining. So what am I going to do about all of this?

Here are my Personal Non-Corporate Related Goals for 2005:

(In order of priority)

1) Finish the children’s book that I have been working on and submit to Publishers.

a) Finish the second color Illustration for my Children’s Book.

b) Make revision to some of my sketch and make the suggested changes from the

editor at Chronicle Books.

c) Create 6 new dummies with corrections and color illustrations for my

Children’s Book.

d) Submit my book to 6 different publishing houses including Chronicle.

e) Start on my 2nd idea for a children’s book.

2) Find a new job- But not just any job, a job doing design work that is preferably in the children’s market that isn’t so demanding so that I will have time to work on my own stuff. (So this also means updating my website so that I can land a new job. – This is a very tall order but if I can at least accomplish most of it I will be happier.)

3) Contact Eric Maisel the author of “Fearless Creating” about signing up for Creative Coaching.(it just so happens that he is local.)

4) Reread my business plan- Make changes and actually use it as it was intended.

5) Participate in Illustration Friday every week- Even if it’s not a finished piece and just a sketch or a doodle.

6) Start sending out promotional mailings again.- Perhaps not every month but at least every Quarter.(I was overly ambitious with my goals in my business plan the first time around and wasn’t really realistic.)

7) Dress more like myself.- None of this corporate hoity-toity $h*t.

8) Re-join Toastmasters- And stick with it.

9) Spend quality time with my doggie and take her out for walks. (I use to walk all the time in college and that was always the time that I did my best thinking)

10) Cut out all of the wasted hours I spend watching TV. (I hope I can stick to this since I use TV to relax and unwind. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to relax and unwind instead of watching TV)

11) Eat better – I have a really bad sweet tooth and consume mass quantities of sugar. I want to start a garden in our backyard and start eating more vegetables and fruits.

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